Corporate Social Responsibility

As a global enterprise, the S1 group takes heavy responsibility for society in the future, in relation to the country and the region, and we believe that it is the most important and contribute to the development of society.
As a global enterprise, we are developing not only "corporate social responsibility" (vector) such as corporate managers, executives, CSR department leaders, but also employees, customers, community staff, government agencies, and associations We promote sustainable development for people involved in the activities and the environment and society.

We support children's programs.

The S1 group has activities to provide financial support.
"UNICEF" It was founded in 1946 in more than 190 countries and regions of the United Nations agency, the World Bank, to protect children's healthy growth and children's right to protect the health of children and the health of the world It was done. Some of the funds from the sales within the group are committed to supporting the children of the world through "UNICEF".
In addition, in order to change the vicious cycle and social structure of Africa's poverty, in order to raise the child's educational program and the level of education from childhood, which is considered to be the most important, we are independent of Tanzanian children It promotes.

Disaster Assistance Program

We are committed to supporting activities through UN agencies or non-governmental organizations, part of the sales within our group, such as disasters and conflicts, need for regional support, and financial support.