Trading Contract for Difference

Contracts for difference(CFD) is a contract that reflects the performance of the underlying index futures with the profit or loss calculated as the difference between the purchase price and the sale price.

Since CFD trading is commonly referred to a short one, traders do not need to concern whether the purchased products are actually defective or not, you can make a trade based the specific movement.


In dealing with S1FX, you can access a pair of gold, silver and precious metals and it is traded against the US dollar.

Symbol Lot size Min/Max Contract Size Pip Value Per Lot
XAUUSD 100 Troy Ounce 0.01/20 Lots



US Oil is a spot commodity underlying with leading oil product. This original underlying oil product is called as West Texas intermediate. This oil product is based on US Dollars.

Symbol Lot size Min/Max Contract Size Pip Value Per Lot
USOil 100 barrel 0.01/20 Lots


The popular stock index CFD provided by S1FX includes FR40, US 30, HK 50, Japan 225, GER 30 etc.

Symbol Min/Max Lot Contract Size Min Contract Size Pip Value Per Min
FR40 1/20 1 CFDs 0.1 EUR
DE30 5000 Troy Ounce 0.01/20 Lots 1 USD
UK100 10 oz 0.01/20 Lots 0.1 USD
JP225 1/20 100 CFDs 100 JPY
US30 1/20 1 CFDs 1 USD
HK50 1/20 1 CFDs 1 HKD
NAS100 1/20 10 CFDs 1 USD
SP500 1/20 25 CFDs 2.5 USD