Account Funding

Deposit and Withdrawal

Quick deposits and withdrawals


TypeCurrencyPayment LimitTime ReflectFee
Bank TranferUSD100USD ~ No Limit3 to 5 Business Days ※ Banking Fee
Union PayUSD100USD ~ No LimitInstant4%
VisaUSD100USD ~ No LimitInstant5%
MasterUSD100USD ~ No LimitInstant5%

※ Funds will be credited within 3 to 7 trading days after confirmation of payment.

■Minimum Deposit Amount: 100USD

Internal fee for deposit and withdrawal will not be charged.
Payment with international banking institutions has a transfer fee and it depends on the bank you use.


■For payments using Visa/Master it can only be in the amount of $2500 at a time.

TypeCurrencyPayment LimitTime ReflectFee/Commission
Bank TranferUSDMinimum 100USD3 to 5 Business Days 5%
VisaUSDMinimum 100USDAbout 3-10 Business DaysWithdrawal Fee
MasterUSDMinimum 100USDAbout 3-10 Business DaysWithdrawal Fee

■Credit Card

Credit Card withdrawals can be up to the amount deposited using the same Credit Card.

Issue a refund request to the credit card company, then they will accomplish the refund procedure to your credit card within 10 business days. Please understand that the arrival of refund depends on the closing date of each credit card company.