About Us

S1FX is offered by Starcom International Limited, which is a global financial services provider, was established in St. Vincent & the Grenadines.

S1 Group has served financial institutions and customers in more than 60 countries worldwide and cleared global control and management services for the S1 group's retail and institutional investors in order to invest heavily in S1 group technology doing.
Providing prime brokerage, currency and precious metal physical delivery, white label partnership project, straight through process, trading system construction, market maker system and API technology, group transactions billions of dollars annually It reached.
We will secure the superiority of the S1 group in existing global competitors, banks, financial institutions, individual customers and institutional investors, financial products and intermediary services.

Our Mission

Provision of Optimal Investment Environment

Our goal is to provide the service with a perfect transparency, and to deliver the price of the interbank market, license and regulations or restricted service, the best and optimal trading environment to customers. Best support will be provided to the customer.

Provision of Experience and Innovation

Experience, talent, and innovative approach as the major elements of S1FX. Our experts gain many years of experience in the financial services industry. And we believe it is our mission to share our own experience and willing to contribute to our customers.

Transparency and Compliance

S1FX will make a conscious effort to comply consistency with the regulatory laws and regulations. We provide a complete transparency from implementing order to the withdrawal of funds. Moreover, we will strive to achieve trust of the industry as a broker and also a legitimate trader in compliance with laws and regulations.

Corporate Social Responsibility

S1FX is a global group that understands that involvement in local countries / regions, and contribution to social development while incorporating long-sighted social responsibility is very important.